End to End Home Design

Why BetterGhar?

End to End Service

We understand that when it comes to Interiors, you need guidance and suggestions on every step, from design to execution. Guess what? We are here for you, throughout the project, in Every Step. Just call us on +91 22 2889 1849 or mail us on contact@betterghar.com

5- Year Warranty

A 5-Year Warranty is a Proof that we are determined to procure and use only top-notch materials. We take care of all manufacturing defects!

Super-Fast Delivery

With tremendous planning and using innovative technology, we are able to deliver all wardrobe and modular kitchen shipments in 4-6 weeks! Say Whaaaa!

Premium Experience

At BetterGhar, we are determined to offer you a Premium Experience in making home your favorite destination. Be it Wardrobes, Modular Kitchen or design solution for you entire house, you will have a Hassle-Free Premium Experience. We Promise!

Collaborative Design

At BetterGhar, all customizable products like Wardrobes and Modular Kitchen are designed by YOU in collaboration with our design experts. 

Great Savings

Traditional Retail involves many middlemen which inflates prices. At BetterGhar, we connect you directly with the makers, cutting out the high markups.

We are equally excited for your new home!

How it Works?

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Choose Materials and Collaborate with our Expert Designers

Sit Back & Relax While We Work Our Magic

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