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A family of six is sitting around a six-seater dining table eating their dinner. The food looks lovely and smells delicious too. There's indoor plants placed strategically and the beautiful pendant lights gives out a warm and cozy look to the overall picture. What's amiss is the dining table. It's old and moldy. And it looks tired as if it has borne the weight of many generations of chefs' delicacies.

Time to change the six seater dining table? We sure do think so. And along with it why not change the living room chairs too. An aesthetically alluring dining table set with chairs will uplift the entire look of the room. Along with it place a matching buffet and some mystifying lights and you won't be able to recognize your own dining area. But if you're someone who'd rather leave this work with the experts then we welcome you to BetterGhar.

At Betterghar you'll find a variety of dining tables, dining chairs, buffets and sideboards. The others we'll leave for another day while we discuss only dining tables today. You can choose from amongst only dining tables to two seaters to four seaters to six seater dining tables. We also have dining table sets that come with matching chairs. Further, we have a drop-leaf dining table that lets you minimize the table's foot-print that comes with a pair of cushioned chairs.

Our dining tables are made from pure teak wood, plywood, commercial hardwood, solid ash wood and fire stone marble. They have a finishing of veneer overlay. You can buy all of these at the most competitive rates at BetterGhar. Here, it is the expert contractors who come to your house, thus leaving out any middlemen and therefore the high retail mark-ups, and help you design your dining area according to your preferences.

So, we urge you to switch off your mobile phones and sit around our dining tables on our most comfortable chairs to make the best conversation you've had with your family in ages! These will be some of your fondest memories when you grow older. Because a family that eats together, stays together. It is on the dining table that the whole family comes together and shares their experiences of the day. You tend to spend a good couple of hours at the table and that is why it's essential to have a beautiful yet a comfortable dining table set.

While we spoke of the dining tables for the dining area, they aren't restricted to dining areas alone. A two seater dining table set in the balcony or if you're lucky to have a backyard/porch/ or garden area a bigger dining table set would look marvelous and would be great to host a small get-together or to just spend some time in the serenity of the surroundings. So, what are you still waiting for? Book a table for the staple foods right away.