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Mattress Matters

You have had a long day at work. On coming home you've gone through your daily bedtime routine including a warm shower and a warm glass of milk. Yet, here you are, lying on the bed wide awake. Ever wonder why? We'll tell you. It's the mattress! Have you ever given a second thought to your mattress on which you apparently spend one-third of your life, sleeping? Is it lumpy or soft or thick or springy or too hard? Looks like it's time to change the mattress again but this time making an informed decision.

An ideal mattress is one that isn't too hard nor too soft. Though conventional cotton mattresses are comfortable in summer they tend to become lumpy with regular usage. The market sells various types of mattresses like those made with coir/foam for giving the user a cozy feel while there are those mattresses that are made from spring that give an excellent support to the user while sleeping. And then there are the orthopedic mattresses that are made such that it distributes the entire body's weight equally and adapts itself to the curves of the body. Finally there are the hybrid mattresses that are a combination of the foam and the spring mattresses offering such support and comfort to the user like a child in a mother's lap.

These days buying mattresses online has become really easy and hassle-free. You'll find all kinds of mattresses and beds online. You'll also find them in different materials, height, make and sizes. You can choose one that is best suitable to you. Most online businesses offer easy return policies as well so read them thoroughly before you place your orders.

And these above discussions bring us to the mattress range of Betterghar which is dedicated to serving the best to its clients. You'll find all kinds of mattresses here classified as Individual Pocketed Spring System and Bonnel Spring System. The height of the Individual Pocketed Spring System mattress ranges from 21cms to 26cms while that of the Bonnel Spring System ranges from 21cms to 28cms. The Bonnel type also comes with an orthopedic mattress known as Ortho Bonnel Spring System mattress with the heights of 23cms and 26cms. The Bonnel Spring System mattress is an easy to care for mattress and unlike other mattresses it's a “no turn” mattress. While the Individual Pocketed Spring System mattress is easy to carry and store and therefore a first preference of those that move houses a lot.

Now, in case you're wondering why to buy from us then let us remind you that we're called BetterGhar for a reason. First is that we get you in touch with skilled contractors and second is that there aren't any retail mark-ups. Third is that we adhere to strict project timelines. And lastly, we want to make your home so beautiful that it becomes your favorite destination!