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Tales of the Bed

It's the most wonderful feeling when you've had a long day and you can go home and just plop into your bed that makes you all comfortable and cosy. You just don't want to get up then to either change out of your work clothes or even have dinner. Or are you someone who has to regularly stay awake till late night and then you don't want to leave your bed on Sunday mornings? We're sure you'll be attributing your attraction of the bed to the mattress but is it really so? Is it only the mattress and not the bed itself? We'd like to believe it is more to do with the bed than only the mattress.

The basic framing of the bed is made of wood, your choice of wood or plywood, and then there is finishing done on it. To name a few - they are tufted, polished or laminated. There are low beds, high beds, single beds, double beds, king size, queen size, bunk beds, sleek beds and four poster beds. There are flat beds and beds with storage as well. In a nutshell, a client will find their dream bed if they search long enough.

But why go to different stores and search for your dream bed when you can come online to Betterghar? We present to you the most mesmerising line of designer beds online. We have two categories of beds, namely the platform beds and the storage beds. Most of our designer beds are beautifully and skillfully tufted while a few of them that are made from solid wood are given a natural polish. All our beds come with a suitably matching attached headboard that gives a royal look to the entire bedroom. You'll find the beds in king size and queen size. Some of our beds are platform beds while the rest of them are with storage. The beds with storage have a hydraulic system fitted in them so they become light as a feather to lift. The color of the beds online has a wide range so you can choose the one that matches your room interiors perfectly.

And if you're confused, then worry not. Buying beds online has become as easy as falling off to sleep. Come to BetterGhar and contact us. We'll send over our experts and they'll help you redesign your bedroom while changing only the bed. It's much more preferable than running around in different stores and tiring yourself out. Once you select your dream bed online it becomes our responsibility to deliver the product on the promised date. We love to keep our promises and we'd love to see your home become your favorite destination too!

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