One thing that will never cease to interest people is the way their home looks. In the course of the most recent couple of years, the normal size of homes has lessened in metropolitan and urban communities. While the shortage of area and rising property estimations are to be reprimanded for this development pattern, strikingly, an interest for compact homes has additionally increased. A bigger proportion of present quick paced age lean towards homes those are easy to clean and keep up. Irrespective of the kind of home one lives in, everybody wants to use the majority of their area for accessible space. Right from the smart homes to futuristic appliances, even furniture technology is making a breakthrough with tech-savvy approach to cope. With not just the wall paints but with every niche and corner of your room! Betterghar.com helps you live your dream living room, bedroom, and kitchen at a price never before.


The Smart Move:

With the experience of serving so many happy customers, we now understand your homes with a better perspective. Families now opt for dual or multi-utility purpose furniture that serves the purpose and also maximizes space, like sofa-cum-beds, convertible dining-cum-work table etc. Minimalistic design approach helps in free movement in the home. There is barely a place on the Internet that sells carpets and rugs with chandeliers unless it is our website. With over thousands of choices and mind-blowing deals, you know you are at the right place.

Why betterghar.com:

There are innumerable sites which offer furniture over websites but none of which provide a whopping 5 years warranty.(Our bestseller)Not just movable wooden pieces but also, a complete interior design solution for your home that comes in various styles as per your demand. Starting from Scandinavian styles, to the 70’s-80’s pastels and geometric patterns, from reasonable wood framing to remodeling the study, from country-inspired floral, pastels and ruffles on curtains, everything at one stop. Simply call and book a meeting with us as we're open 24x7 and we'll send our specialists over.

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When we deal with brands like Hettich, Philips, Green ply, Asian Paints Royale, Century ply to name a few, quality is never a doubt! A gleaming ceiling with Havells’ lights alongside a reflection of yours, smiling at the mirror finish polish of the flooring, we have got you covered. It takes a hundred days to complete the civil, electrical, plumbing and painting work to get over with. The furniture alone takes a good 30-60 days for delivery if the customers do not opt for the above services. We are resolved to use with excellent high-class materials only.



The customer’s online privacy/security being one of our major prime concerns as well. While booking our items or while administering your own data, our site is well anchored with an industry standard 256 - bit SSL encryption; making your experience safe and more efficient. Best price guarantee as you as a customer directly deal with us, without the involvement of any middlemen thereby cutting the cost any overhead/handling charges, subsequently a high markup. While here we get the customer in contact specifically with the creators, which cuts the markup cost totally.Queen size bed like before experience


Imagine getting back home, exhausted, you keep your lunch bag at the platform of your modular kitchen. Move towards your soothing light green, dim lit room.

Approaching the bathroom for that one warm shower you have been awaiting since you successfully submitted your day’s assignment. Adjusting the warmth of the water. Warmth that relieves the entire stress of the day. Surreal, isn’t it? A stage in life where you can’t ask for more. One smart choice today, a regret free life tomorrow.


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