Sofas are usually the most attractive part of the halls. It adds to an aesthetic touch to your living room by adding to the beauty of the living room but also making your stay at home very comfortable. Sofa’s that make you go wow are those which will want to stick to your sofa over a relaxing weekend. With different designs and unique sofa styles trending in market today, your choice of sofa speaks about your style and beauty sense.

A few years back, the sofas were of a simpler design and mostly of brown colour and they were broadly divided into two types:

  1. 2-seater: Sofas intended for seating for two people.
  2. 3-seater: Sofas intended for seating for three people.

Today, variety of colours have come into existence along with multiple sofa designs to suit the interiors of the living room; making you enjoy the movie like in theatres and being cosy all the day. Sofas with contrasting cushions have become a trend too. Selecting the right sofa is a challenging task as it should not only add to the beauty of the house but also enable good walking space around the living room.

The modern styled sofas defines your choice and can be categorized into different groups which can be a perfect guide for you to select the right sofa to meet your style statement:

  1. Canape Sofa

A canape sofa is a curvy sofa which occupies little space in the living room. The wide and thicker cushioning of this sofa is excellent for relaxing after a tiring day. Available in darker and lighter shades, it is a grab on for those who love artistic work.

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        2. Larger Arm Chair

This is also called as love seater and can accommodate two people who love to sit together facing each other. Ideal for the couples and is perfect one to spend some relaxing time over a coffee with your loved one. This larger arm chair sofa available in the brighter shades can perfectly suit your dark colour interiors of the living room.

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       3. Over-sized Pillow Sofa

The Sofas with over sized pillows are much in trend today. They are absolutely relaxing for the back and is best suited for the interiors with a lot of furniture. They give the modern chic look to the living room.

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      4. Low tufted Sofa

Low tufted sofas are light weight sofas with thin legs, best suited for small apartments. They are attractive and they depict your personality of being practical in life. With many colors available, choose the ones that suits your personality

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     5. Victorian Seating

This super comfortable sofa with a good cushioning fabric. They look sober with the brass studding and gives a royal look to your living room.

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With plenty of sofas available on the shelf today, each depicting a different personality. Bold colours are usually loved by sportsmen while the dull colours by the ladies. Sofas that gives a wow factor to the living room is its comfort level and the colour of the sofa which should contrast with the interiors. A sofa is not wow until and unless it adds charm to the entire room and is appreciated by the guests visiting your home.


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